Monday, January 30, 2017

SO Fast! SO Happy! SO Good!

Hello Everyone! 

This week went by SO fast! The days just keep moving faster and faster! This week was so good! We did a lot of teaching and saw a lot of miracles here in Madison. 

This week I set a goal to ask everyone for referrals. We saw so many miracles by doing this. We first received a media referral! His name is Robert. He ordered a Book of Mormon! So we stopped by with a member and to give him the book. He was SO happy to see us and he welcomed us in. We asked him what sparked his interest in ordering a Book of Mormon and he said that he was going through some things and wanted to strengthen his faith and he read about the Book of Mormon on and he decided to order one! We taught him more about it and we closed with a prayer. After the prayer he said, "wow, I can just feel the power that you all have when you said that prayer". He totally recognized the power of the Holy Ghost. He felt something, and hopefully as we continue to meet with him he will always be able to feel that spirit. 

Another referral we received was from a member. He gave one of his wrestling teammates and Book of Mormon a couple years ago, and this friend of his has since wondered why Mckayd was so happy and different. So we met with him this week. He is so prepared. As we were talking about prayer and faith he had some amazing things to say. He was basically quoting scripture without knowing it! 

On Wednesday we had a Worldwide Broadcast to all the missionaries. This was SO good! Wow, I learned so much! We received a lot of training on the Doctrine of Christ- which is so crucial as missionaries. We help people get on the path that leads to eternal life- but first we all need faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost  and we need to be willing to endure to the end and keep moving forward in faith. It's an amazing process. I love that I have been able to witness first hand how the gospel can really change lives. 

That's pretty much the update for the week! 

Life is good! 

I love you all! 

Love, Sister Egan

I've been practicing my caligraphy- I love this quote though! 

                                                                         Another Chocolate Frog

                  We went to a market/bakery thing with our Recent Convert and I got this fancy hot chocolate

 This really cool picture we saw! From one angle it's Abraham Lincoln and from another angle is Marilyn Monroe

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