Monday, January 16, 2017

Prayer Works!

Hello Everyone! 

Not much to report on this last week! Everything is still going well here in Madison, CT. I really enjoy it here! 

This week was filled with various appointments with Investigators, Recent Converts, and other Less active members of the ward. I really enjoy getting to know people, so that was fun this week as I continue to meet new people here in the ward. 

We also had our Zone Meeting this week! I really enjoyed just being able to participate and take notes. I really learned a lot about following the spirit and being worthy to have the Spirit as a constant companion. 

I want to just share a quick experience that was really simple, yet profound. 

So we got to Zone Meeting early and Sister McVey and I were sitting on the couch in the foyer. We were waiting for the ZL's and STL's to finish their meeting with the District Leaders. Our Zone Meeting evenutally started and it wasn't until we were getting ready to drive back to our area that we realized we didn't know where our phone was. I knew that we had it while we were waiting in the foyer, so we searched and we still couldn't find it! We asked everyone to check their bags in case they picked up our phone thinking it was their own (all our phones are the same). But still nothing! We checked everywere- in our car, under the couch, our bags. Then, our awesome Zone Leader looks at me and says, "Sister Egan, have you prayed about it?". It honestly had not crossed my mind. I felt so bad! Afterall, I am a missionary! So we stopped and we said a prayer. Right after I said the prayer, I checked under the couch... again. And there it was! Then we said a prayer of gratitude. 

This was just a little example of how prayer works. God truly loves us and is constantly looking out for us! He hears our prayers! (even if it is to just find a phone)

I love you all so much! 

Love, Sister Egan

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