Monday, January 23, 2017

Keeping Busy in Connecticut

Hello Everyone! 

This week was really good! We were really busy, which is always nice! 

On Tuesday we watched Meet the Mormons with a less-active woman we have been working with. She really enjoyed it! I think it's difficult for her to realize that Mormons are real people with real lives, so the movie was able to put a lot of things in perspective for her. She never thinks of herself as being LDS, so the movie hopefully helped her realize that she is apart of a community of people that want to follow Christ as fully as they can. That night we had dinner with a super awesome family! They live out in the middle of nowhere haha! There are SO many trees in this area- and it is so dark! But this dinner appointment was great! They have a son coming home from his mission this week, so Sis. Brault is super excited to see her son! 

On Wednesday we were on exchanges in Groton for the day. It was fun to see a new area. I got to meet a lot of wonderful people there. I was with Sister Halbeisen for the day! She actually took my place in Glastonbury when I went to Weston. So we had a good time talking and sharing memories about Gbury. I seriously loved it there and it was great to talk to someone who totally understands! 

On Thursday we had to make the drive up to Hartford for our Zone Conference. That was SO good! I learned a lot. We talked a lot about finding new investigators and practiced teaching the Restoration. The Restoration is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. We learn many truths because of Joseph Smith's first vision. How blessed we are to know that the Godhead is 3 separate beings, and to know that we are truly created after His image. The list goes on. But I am so grateful for the Restoration of Christ's church on the earth today. Also at Zone Conference I was able to see Sister Demuth! I haven't seen her in a month haha! She is doing great! 

On Friday we had district meeting in Norwich. And then we had a really good lesson with our investigator, Victoria. She has been really shy, but this time she really broke out of her shell and began opening up. She is really great and loves learning about Jesus Christ. Also on Friday night we had a pretty interesting experience. We were meeting with a recent convert- she is great! So we usually meet at the Library, but that wasn't able to work out, so we figured it would be ok if we just went to her house and stayed in the car (because her dad is against having us in his home). So we were in the car parked pretty close to her house... and then we see flashing lights. The Police came! So we had to talk to them and explain what was going on. The whole ordeal took about 25 minutes to clear up. Apparently one of the neighbors called because of a suspicious vehichle. We all just laughed about it afterwards. Definitely not my average friday night as a missionary. 

Saturday was awesome! We went to the temple with one of our Recent Converts to do baptisms. It is so nice having the Hartford temple so close. And it was AMAZING to go inside the temple after it's been dedicated. I love this temple SO much! 

Life is great! I am really enjoying it here in Madison! 

Love you all! 

Sister Egan

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