Monday, January 25, 2016

Leaving Avon

I am leaving Avon! I have really grown to love this area over the last 6 months, and I am really sad to say goodbye. But I am also ready for this new adventure. I am going to Framingham, Mass! I will be a full time digital missionary. I am really excited that I have this chance to teach people from around the world via skype. 

This last week was pretty normal. But on Wednesday we had a Worldwide Mission Broadcast. It was really good. Two things really stuck out to me. Elder Anderson quoted Elder Richard G. Scott when he said, "Always have His name on my lips". I love this. I thought it went along nicely with what Elder Oaks had to say. He said to always have the Doctrine of Christ engraved in hearts. Both of these statements can go hand in hand. It is so important to always talk of Christ and bear testimony of Him through our words. But as we engrave the Doctrine of Christ in our hearts, we will begin to act and become more like the Savior. So as we do both these things, we will become a walking testimony of Jesus Christ. 

On Thursday this week we had a mission-wide "Car Fast". All the missionaries gave up their cars for the day. In December, Elder Packer of the Seventy came to our mission. He said that missions without cars see more baptisms. And then he promised us that if we made that sacrifice that we would see the blessings. We were able to get the members more involved and excited about missionary work. They took us to different appointments and we did a little bit of visiting teaching with the women in our ward. It was also a great opportunity to serve. We helped out with one of the families in our ward and just did a couple things around the house, just to help her out a bit. It turned out to be a really good day! 

On Friday we found out that I am being transferred! As I said before, I am really excited for this new adventure. It will be different for sure! But change is always good!

On Saturday we went to a baptism of a little boy in the ward. It was a really good program. I love the spirit that is felt at baptisms! After the baptism. everyone was freaking out about this snow storm we were supposed to get. It's sometimes hard being a missionary because we are out of the loop almost 100% of the time. We had no idea we were supposed to get this big storm. It didn't turn out that bad. Avon got only about 4 in of snow. 

Sunday was great. I could just see God's hand in everything that day. We got to church and two of our investigators showed up. Sacrament meeting could not have been better. I think it was geared directly at our investigators. Then Sunday School was perfect for them. It was exactly what they needed. And Relief Society/Priesthood was the cherry on top. Everything was what Dana and Paul needed. I was so happy! I knew that the spirit was there and that the people that participated in the various meetings were divinely inspired. It was great. After church we went and said goodbye to different members of the ward. We were able to drop by Gloria's house one last time. She kind of let us in, and I just bore my testimony to her. It breaks my heart that she no longer comes to church, but I wanted her to know how much Heavenly Father loves her and is aware of her. It was a good experience, something I will never forget.

I am really excited for this week and all the craziness this next adventure will bring! Thank you all for all your love and support! I love you!

Sister Egan

Sister Bennett is one of my most favorite human beings
The Pulley Family
Simsbury, CT

My District
Snow Storm
Camron and Thomas helping us clear our car

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