Monday, December 14, 2015

I Love the PVC!

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!

This week was really good! Everything was kind of pushed back because we had Pday on Tuesday last week, but we were able to get everything sorted out. We had an awesome lesson with Mikele on Wednesday. We talked a lot about receiving answers to prayers through reading the Book of Mormon and praying. Her kids were all able to sit in and they all go really into it. Luckily I brought a children's Book of Mormon and we were able to give that to the kids. Later in the week we stopped by and one of the daughters came to the door reading it! She is almost half way done with it and she told us that she has been bringing it to read at school. 

On Thursday we had a good morning and we did some weekly planning. And then it was off to HARTFORD!!!! We had the monthly PVC tour downtown. It was SO much fun! A lot of the missionaries in the Zone came and we all had a blast talking to everyone on the streets and inviting them to take a church tour. Two companionships set dates!! I really have a testimony of the PVC and how it CAN change lives!

On Friday we went to Zone Meeting. We were part of a musical number- I played the piano while Sister Zickella and Sister Thompson sang. It was really beautiful. Especially because both Sister Thompson and Sister Zickella are going home this week. I am going to miss them both like crazy! Zone meeting was really good! They focused on Christlike Attributes. Each companionship gave a little training on a different attribute. They spirit was really strong! Right after Zone Meeting ended, Transfer Texts came!! I had been really anxious for t-texts this transfer because I knew that I would be getting a new companion. I am staying in Avon!!! And Sister Allen, from Layton, UT is coming to be my new comp. I am so excited! 

On our way home from Zone Meeting we were driving by the temple.... ANGEL MORONI IS UP!!! It was huge news! I am so excited! It is huge and the temple looks magnificent!

On Sunday we had a really good church meeting! And right after church we headed to the Holbrook's for a quick dinner and then we all headed out to Warwick, RI for a special musical fireside put on by the missionaries in our mission. We got there a little late, but it was SO GOOD! I love that music brings the spirit. It was also great to see my missionary friends from around the mission! 

I cannot believe that Christmas is next week! It doesn't really feel like Christmas- especially because of the unusually warm weather we are having here in Connecticut. I hope everyone has a really good week! I am doing so well! I miss you all!

Love, Sister Egan


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