Tuesday, December 8, 2015


This last week has been really good! I love this time of year to remember our Savior!

On Saturday morning we had our ward Christmas Brunch. We had a really good time and we had a good Christmas Program. After the Ward function the neighboring ward was having a baptism. A man in the Canton ward was getting baptized after investigating the church for quite some time. His wife was baptized about 7 years ago and he was finally baptized on Saturday and received the Priesthood on Sunday. The baptism was really good! The spirit was so strong. We had a really good dinner appointment that night with the Pulley Family! They have 7 children and it is always so much fun when we go over there. I think she sent a picture home! 

On Sunday after church we went to the Collin's home for dinner. There was another family there and we all had a family night. One of the moms gave a lesson and they talked about Christmas. We all had to write down what we want for Christmas. I really had to think about this one. There isn't any material item that I want for Christmas. I really just want to be happy! I am so grateful I get to skype my family too! I am really looking forward to this Christmas Season! We went to the Armistead's to watch the First Presidency Message. I really liked Elder Bednar's talk about the LIGHT of Christ. It was a good reminder remember the reason for the season, and that even the lights are a sign pointing to Christ.

On Monday morning we woke up pretty early to go to Zone Conference in Groton, CT. Elder Allen Packer of the Seventy was there. Wow. This meeting was so good! The spirit was so strong and the questions I had were answered during all the talks. Sister Miller likes to talk about BECOMING. And yesterday she focused on becoming examples of word, faith and purity. FAITH has been a huge focus in our mission these last few weeks. I have been pondering a lot about having the Faith necessary to do the Lord's work. At times it is hard, but it will all work out. This is what Elder Packer talked about. He talked about how sometimes we need to take a step into the dark. We can't expect the Lord to tell us everything we are supposed to do, we need faith that it will all work out. 

I have a testimony of our Savior. I know that He loves me. He loves each and every one of us. I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost. I am so thankful for the priesthood, I know it is real. 

I hope everyone continues to have a good holiday season! I love you all! Thank you for all the support and love you give me!

Love, Sister Kellie Egan

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Sister Zickella and I

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