Monday, September 7, 2015


This week was really good! I am so grateful to be serving in this wonderful area! It is so beautiful, especially now that the leaves are starting to change. I love being outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and to take in the beauty of New England. I still can't believe I am in Connecticut!

So this week we had a lesson with our investigator Stefano! It went pretty well! We taught about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. At the end of our lesson we asked what stuck out to him. We were both thinking that he would say something about the doctrine or about Joseph Smith, but then he said that he thought it was so amazing that we were SO sure that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. This bore testimony to me of the Power of bearing testimony. Whenever we as individuals bear testimony, we are able to bring the spirit to the conversation.

On Wednesday we had to go get our tires changed. So we went to the local place and sat there for a couple hours while they took care of our car. We had gotten our car evaluated and inspected at Zone Conference last week and they warned us that our tires were really bald and that we should be really careful driving. This scared me! So for the last week I was trying to be even more safe and cautious while I was driving! So changing our tires took up most of our day.

On Friday we had Zone Meeting! It was so good! We talked about FEAR. This made me evaluate my own fears as a missionary and how I can better overcome these fears. We also talked about how we can help the investigators and members overcome their own fears to share the gospel. I really got a lot out of the meeting. SO GOOD! I also was apart of a musical number at the meeting. I played the piano while Sister Barrett, Elder Stewart, Elder Maughan, and Elder Tilly sang and then Elder Dawson played the violin. They all had amazing voices and they all sounded really good! After Zone Meeting we went to the Hartford Temple Site. They have a trailer set up with pictures and pieces of granite that they are using for the temple. We had a lesson with a woman named Laurie. She is a less active woman that is working on going to the temple. She loves temples and thinks of it as going "home". I love this! Temples are truly the house of the Lord and when we go we are able to feel at peace. I feel so blessed to be able to be serving here in Avon- the temple is being built in my ward boundaries!! The temple should be done sometime next year. They still aren't sure,

On Saturday we had a lot of administrative work to do. We were invited to a wedding reception along with the Elders in the neighboring ward. The reception was at our church building and we were at the chapel to put in our ministry report so we stopped by the reception for a little bit. It was super cute! I met this man whose son in serving in the Spokane Mission! It was so funny because I didn't even tell him where I was from- it just came up in conversation. He is serving in Moscow- I think his name is Elder Wilcox. So keep an eye out!

Thank you for the continual support! I feel the power of your prayers everyday! 

Love, Sister Kellie Egan
This is the Hartford Temple - they have the plastic on it right now to protect the granite before it is sealed.  It should be coming off pretty soon.  And the Angel Moroni should be put on within the next couple of months!

At Zone Meeting
Ben & Jerry's Makes Everything Better!
Beautiful Connecticut :)

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