Monday, August 10, 2015

Time Flies When You Feel the Spirit

Is it really time to leave already? I feel like I just got here! This has been a super awesome experience. I can say that I have honestly loved being at the MTC. It is amazing how close my District had grown in the last week. They are my best friends and I am so happy that most of us are going to Boston. So just a run down of last week- Tuesday night President Russell M Nelson spoke at the MTC devotional. I feel so blessed to be able to be at the MTC when an Apostle of the Lord could speak. It was a great talk. He spoke on the importance of obedience and how if there is only one person you convert on your mission it should be yourself. I really appreciated his talk and the words he had to say. The rest of the week was pretty much normal MTC life. We taught our investigators and did a lot of role-plays. It's amazing how comfortable I have gotten teaching others about the Gospel. On Friday we had our In-Field Orientation. This was supposed to prepare us for the Field. Instead it pretty much scared me half to death and made me so nervous to leave the MTC. The MTC is a very safe place and I am really nervous to finally be in Boston. Although I am sad to leave the MTC, I know it's time. I really don't think I could stay here for much longer. Sunday was another awesome day. Church is always great at the MTC and the devotionals were really good!

Besides all the great things that happened this last week, I got really sick. Like really sick. I finally went to the doctor and was able to get a prescription. The MTC is just a petri dish of germs. So many people are sick. Thank goodness for medicine because I'm finally getting over it, just in time to fly to Boston. 

I am so thankful for all the letters I have gotten since being here! I feel so loved! I also feel the strength of your prayers- so keep em coming! I couldn't do this without you! I am looking forward to the next phase of my mission. I know that I am needed in Boston and can't wait to get there! 

Love, Sister Egan

Look at my photography skills...

These are some of the elders in our district- they are also going to Boston!

These Sisters are in our Zone. Jessica knows Sister Keller on the far right! What a small world!

So these Elders are from Tahiti and Tonga. We met them our second day here and we run into them all the time. They are learning english so they are going to be here for a while. They knew we were leaving so they each gave us shell necklaces. It was so nice of them!

These Elders are also going to Boston

My District

Sister Sherman and Me - a week after entering the MTC together.

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