Monday, August 17, 2015

Hart & Soul

I made it! I made it to Boston! So we landed in Boston Tuesday afternoon and then went to the Mission Home. We had dinner and then all the English speaking sisters went and stayed the night at another set of sisters' apartment. They were so pumped to talk to us and get to know us. It was "WICKED". Seriously every other word was wicked when these sisters were talking to us! So the next morning we went back to the Mission Home fro breakfast and some more training. Then they took some of us to downtown Boston. My group went to Copley Square. There we had to go street contacting. Probably one of the most overwhelming experiences of my life. So after that we went back to the mission home for more training and things. That afternoon we went to the Forces Unite meeting to get our new companions. Here they trained us a little bit more about driving and other misc rules in the mission. They said that we didn't have time to watch this video of driving safety because all the drivers in New England are awful and you need to be super careful, but they assured us that only 1 or 2 of us would be driving. Then all the trainers walked in. AHHH this was so scary. They called my name and I got a picture with the Mission President and his wife and then he called..... SISTER BARRETT. She is from Ireland. She is adorable. You're probably wondering if she has an accent. Unfortunately she doesn't. She's been out for so long that she's lost it. I was a little sad about that because how cool would it be to pick up an Irish accent on my mission? But because she is foreign... I get to drive... everywhere. I was super nervous about this at first because they scared the living daylights out of me during the meeting when they were talking driving. Anyways we are assigned to the Avon, CT ward. The new Hartford Temple is being built in our ward boundaries! How lucky am I? Our area is so beautiful. I love it! It is hot and humid and I am learning to embrace my big hair. We live in a little Snow White Cottage.It is so cute! The AC is broken right now, but other than that it is in pretty good condition. 

So my first day in the Mission field was jam packed. We woke up and ran. It's great because everyone knows I love running. After our studies we went to a PVC (Portable Visitors Center) church tour. These are unique to our mission. Basically it is a bunch of super nice displays that missionaries set up with ipads and tvs inside a church building. Then other missionaries go out and street contact and invite people to come watch videos about Christ and learn more about what we have to say. This has been super effective and a lot of people have set baptismal dates! I will send some pictures of it so you have a better idea of what the PVC is.

There is a woman, Gloria who was recently baptized. The missionaries have been teaching her son who is 13. Apparently Eoin has been super on and off and usually locks himself in his room when the missionaries come by. No worries... I invited him to be baptized. That would be the second scariest time of my life. But anyways he said that he wants to be baptized and he sees the importance of it, he just isn't ready yet. I will definitely keep you updated as we continue to meet with Eoin. 

I am super excited to be here! I know that the Lord is preparing people in this area for the gospel! I am so grateful for temples on the earth today. I feel so blessed to be serving in an area where a beautiful temple is being built! I love you all!!

Much Love, Sister Egan
​So this is the PVC. Super cool! So exciting that it's only in my mission. MBM is the best!

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