Wednesday, June 1, 2016

10 Month Mark

Hello Everyone! 

This week was awesome! So many amazing things happened! 

On Tuesday we had a lot of appointments and we stayed really busy that day. But the week started to get really good on Wednesday. We had a Zone Conference! It was the Hartford, New Haven and Springfield Zones. So it was a lot of fun to be with the other missionaries and to receive training from President Miller and the Assistants. It was awesome! They talked a lot about repentance. Some people think that repentance is like a punishment, but that is hardly what it is. Repentance is showing your desire to follow Christ and become more like Him. It is truly a change of heart. After Zone Conference we went and met with the Giard Family. If you remember from my email last week- this was the mom that came to church with her kids last week and asked Sister Ross and I to teach them. We had dinner with them and then had a lesson. We taught the Restoration and it went really well. The spirit was so strong and we were able to get the kids and the Mom involved. Gwen, the 9 year old daughter, would be baptized tomorrow if she could. She is adorable! I love this family! We are meeting with them again tomorrow evening! 

On Thursday we had service and a lot of planning to get done. And then after our dinner appointment, we correlated with our Ward Mission Leader. Then we had 43 minutes until curfew. We decided that we wanted to find a new investigator. We both felt like we could with the Lord's help. So we pulled over and we prayed to know where we should go. We both felt like we needed to go and talk to this lady we had met earlier. So we did, but she really didn't want to talk to us....  We were like, "No what! Who is it that Heavenly Father wants us to teach?" So as we were walking out of the apartment complex we saw Joe. We had met him before and we started talking to him. One thing led to another and we were able to pick him up as a new Investigator!! Prayers work!

On Friday we had a pretty good day! Our district meeting was pretty good! We also had a lesson with Veronica that night. That went pretty well, I thought. She ended up dropping us at the end of the lesson. She just isn't in a place in her life to be able to accept the gospel. I hope missionaries in the future don't give up on her. She has a lot of potential! 

On Saturday, Sister Dorrough took us out with her to try to contact her Visiting Teaching Sisters. She also took us to this Japanese place for lunch. I thought it was really good! Sister Ross on the other hand didn't like it so much haha. And Chop sticks were a new thing to her. Sister Dorrough really got a kick out of that! After trying to contact these Sisters unsuccessfully (one of the addresses doesn't exist), Sister Ross and I went to the library and we had a lesson with a potential investigator named, Joseph. The lesson went pretty well. He said he would call us... but we all know what that means haha. It's okay though! Sister Ross and I have really been working on teaching the Restoration simply and I thought we did a pretty good job! That night we watched Meet the Mormons with Ivette and her kids. I love that movie! 

On Sunday I hit my 10 month mark! I cannot believe that I have been out that long! Time is going by way too fast! 

Well, I hope everyone is doing well! Thank you for all the love ans support! 

Love, Sister Egan

Zone Conference
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 Joyce gave us dryer sheets to put in our hair to repel the bugs while we were outside.

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