Monday, April 11, 2016


Hello Everyone! 

This week was really good! We stayed super busy and were exhausted each night we came home. On Tuesday we had a really good lesson with our Recent Convert, Rene. She is so inspiring. I met her when I came to Glastonbury on exchanges while I was serving in Avon, and it has been so much fun being able to meet with her each week and see her progression and how much her testimony has grown. Later that evening we had a lesson with our investigator, Juli. Juli is great! She is truly searching and wants to find the truth. She is pretty familiar with the church, but right now we are working with her on living the Word of Wisdom. We also committed her to pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. She gave the closing prayer to our lesson, and it was super powerful! 

On Wednesday night we taught a mission prep activity for the Young Men in our ward. I think it went really well! The YM President asked us to share about what we felt like we wish we would have known before we came out on missions. So we focused on Preach My Gospel. Before my mission, I didn't really use it, or really know what it is used for. But now I use it everyday! 

On Friday we had zone meeting which was really good! One of the members from the High Council here in the stake came and talked to us on how we can build trust and relationships with the ward. We learned a lot! That night we went to our ward talent show. This ward is awesome! I was laughing so hard! I also realized that I am completely out of the loop as a missionary! There were a lot of songs that I had never heard before! Everyone thought it was crazy that I hadn't heard "Hello" by Adele. It was a pretty good song though haha. 

On Saturday we helped out at the Stake Activity Days activity. It was really fun! They had a session where the girls could ask us questions about missionary life. We got some pretty funny questions.... like if I have a fiance waiting for me back at home.... nope! That night we got a call from one of our ward members. Their family was going out of town and the person that was supposed to feed their dogs cancelled and couldn't do it that night and Sunday morning. So they asked if we could do it. Since we just got trained on building trust with our members we thought that this would be a good place to start.... Well we got there and it took us a little bit to figure everything out. And then the note that they left said that we needed to take them on a little walk. So we did. Then the dogs pooped.... and we had to pick it up in those little baggies... well Sister Ross picked it up. For anyone that knows me, I couldn't do it. It was the grossest thing to me. Luckily Sister Ross is awesome and she did it! But I definitely learned that I will never own a dog. 

On Sunday 2 of our Recent Converts got the Priesthood. That was awesome! I am so happy for them! They did some family history and are all ready to go for our Temple Trip on the 23rd! I am so excited for them to go to the temple and to witness the spirit that is felt in the house of the Lord! Life is good here in Glastonbury! Thank you for all the love and support! I really appreciate it! 

Love, Sister Egan

Sister Ross and I
 I wore my goodwill dress and my rain boots- I totally looked like a grandma going out to work in her garden... we had to run into the dollar store and I thought this hat went nicely with my outfit. #thefieldiswhitealreadytoharvest 
Volunteering at the Blood Drive

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