Monday, November 9, 2015

I'm So Happy!

This week has been so good. I love Sister Zickella. She is the best!  Just super sweet and always happy. Of course I am going to miss Sister Barrett, but I think it was time for a change. 

This email is going to be pretty short. We had a lot to do this morning and later we are going to play volleyball with the zone!

On Tuesday we were super busy. We had a lot of appointments and were going going going. So we went to see this LA women. She is the one that told us about how she is really considering committing suicide. It is so sad. Iris broke down and just started crying to us. She told us that God sent us there for her. We were sent to save her because she is on the edge. She wanted me to tell you that I am here for a reason and that by being on my mission I am saving people. I thought that was really sweet of her to say.

On Wednesday we left at 1 to get to Weston. We drove alongside 3 other missionary cars and because we have the things that monitor our speed, we all stuck together. We stopped at Chik Fil A and then went to get our cars their safety inspections and then we went to Transfer Meeting. I love hearing the testimonies of the departing missionaries. It makes me even wonder if I will ever get to that point. Someday. So I said goodbye to Sister Barrett and then Sister Zickella and I made the 2 hour trek back home. The GPS wasn’t working and so I got super lost.  Needless to say it was a late night. 

The rest of the week we had a few appointments and just stayed super busy. I’m just super happy and I love the work that I’m doing.

I love you all!
Sister Demuth and I with President Miller's daughter.

Hartford Temple Site

Sister Zickella and I

Our Cottage Door

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