Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's crazy to me that Thanksgiving is this week! Time is flying! 

It sounds like you all had an eventful week with the storm and all. I wish I could have seen it! What is with Spokane and these wind storms? 

So let's see... This week was good. I am having a really good time, but I am also feeling really discouraged. I feel like I am working so hard and absolutely nothing is coming from it. I feel like I am doing the same thing everyday and there isn't much making me too excited. I am however looking forward to this upcoming Sunday because President Miller is giving a fireside in our stake. 

So some highlights of this week. On Tuesday we had dinner at this MANSION. So one of our members is a nanny for this super wealthy family and they had us over for dinner. They had a friend from India over as well and we had some authentic indian food. So lamb, and a bunch of other things that I don’t really know. We had a really good discussion with Mr. L ( he has money coming out of his ears).  He casually brought up his yacht that stays in Florida for most of the year but comes up to New England during the summer because you know, we are really close to a beach here in Avon  - haha)  Anyway, he has a lot of respect for the church and how it is family based. He loves his family! He asked a lot of questions about missions and such. It went pretty well, but I don’t think he’s interested.

On Wednesday we went and stopped by a members house because she has been helping us a lot with our investigator, Mikele. We asked Sister Hart what she thought Mikele needs. She told us that she had been praying a lot for Mikele and how to help her. She didn't give us any specific things to do, but she did say that she would continue to pray for her. We found out later that day that Sister Hart had sent out a text to some of the women in the ward asking them to pray for Mikele. I thought it was so sweet of her to do that. And it's great because we are getting more members involved in our work.

Also on Wednesday we stopped by Mikele's house. We answered a lot of her questions.... but she still has a way to go. I just don't know what direction to go anymore. She is pretty set on her opinion on a couple things and I think it's keeping her from seeing the bigger picture and how Jesus Christ really did suffer for her and how through him we are all saved. 

Later that day we met with the Sister Training Leaders in our Zone (kind of like zone leaders) we asked them how we could better help this area and get things going. We were all brainstorming for a long while and nothing really came from it. It was super discouraging.... I honestly don't know what to do. We have visited almost every LA on the list and we aren't having any luck finding anyone new to teach. 

We have been teaching Niko, from Finland, online and this week we were able to skype him a few times. And on Thursday we were able to get a hold of the Sister Missionaries in Helsinki! I love that I am a part of the digital mission that we can skype and teach people from all around the world! Niko went to a ward activity on Friday night and then went to Stake Conference on Sunday! He has read all of 1st Nephi and he has amazing questions and really wants to learn! 

On Friday we had our District Meeting, which went really well. As for Sister Z and I- we are doing great! I love her! She is such an incredible human being! She is teaching me how to cook super yummy and healthy things and we just get along really well! I am so sad that she is going home in 3 weeks... That means I get a new comp.... and I will probably be staying in Avon for another transfer.... 6 months in Avon, wow. 

On Saturday we went and skyped Niko again and then went and dropped off a thank you note at the Loree family's house... excuse me, mansion. Haha and then we went to the temple site so Sister Zickella could see the trailer and some of the renderings of what the temple will look like on the inside. 

Church was really good on Sunday. I was just super happy during church and I felt the spirit so strong. As the choir was singing I couldn't help but smile. I love that all these saints were singing their hearts out because they Love the savior so much. The music was incredible and I just felt the spirit so strong. It's a testimony to me of the power of music. Music can really bring the spirit!

Thank you so much for all the love and support! If you guys could pray for Mikele that she would come to church that would be so great! 

I love this gospel. I love that I get to devote my time to serving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is so much to be thankful for! 

I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving! 

Love, Kellie

Connecticut Sky 

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