Monday, October 5, 2015

I Love General Conference!

Hello Everyone!

This week was really good! I have been missing home quite a bit, but I am so grateful for everything that was talked about in General Conference! I felt like all the talks were meant for me! On wednesday we had a really good lesson with our investigator, McKelle. We extended a baptismal date, but she just isn't ready yet. She wants us to teach her more about the Savior because she doesn't really know much about Jesus. She didn't grow up with a religious background, so we are excited to teach her about Jesus and his ministry. Later that day we had the elders come do service at a member's house. Her husband died 5 months ago and she needed help moving some furniture around her very large and fancy house. I love Sister Gelbach! She always makes me smile! Sister Gelbach is from Panama! When we got there she had made a lot of food for us. We really had no idea what the Elders were getting themselves into... The furniture she needed to be moved was quite large! While the elders were figuring out how to get the dresser out of the door, Sister Gelbach took us on a tour of her house! I felt really bad because I wasn't doing anything! It was a lot of fun though! We were able to share a message with her about how we can find happiness in this life. God didn't design us to be sad!

On thursday we went and helped the other sisters in the zone with their digital mission work. They were switched to google+ and they asked us to help them get started. So we were there for a while. Then we did our planning for the week. Then we went to a lesson with our recent convert, Gloria (Her son is Eoin). This is the saddest situation. Gloria hasn't come to church in over a month and Eoin locks himself in his room everytime we come over. I haven't seen him since my first lesson with him about 2 months ago. Anyways, Gloria has a lot of doubts right now. I don't even know what to do. While we were there I felt like the only thing I could do was bear my testimony. I was so sad when we left. I know that the gospel brings happiness and I just want Gloria to be happy!

Friday was the best. We had our district meeting and Sister Barrett and I gave the training. It was on "God is our loving Heavenly Father and How the Gospel Blesses Families" I think it went really well and we were all able to learn a lot. Then we went home and got all bundled up to go to the PVC (Portable Visitors Center) Tour in Hartford (I did this my first day in the mission). I seriously love doing this. We just talk to random people in the streets and invite them to take a tour of the church building and to watch videos. Doing this makes me so happy. There are always a lot of missionaries there so it is fun to bond with them and also just talking to random (usually crazy) people is always fun haha. We invited this one guy to take a tour, he put out his cigarette and came on in. We ended up setting a baptismal date with him! It was so great to see him have a desire to grow closer to Heavenly Father and to make the necessary changes in his life to do so.

GENERAL CONFERENCE! I lOVED IT! I am so grateful we have a prophet and apostles on the earth today! It was amazing to sustain three new apostles of the Lord on Saturday afternoon! One of the major themes talked about at conference was Centering our lives on the Savior. As we center our lives on Jesus Christ we can BECOME true disciples of him and we can be perfected only through him so we can have eternal life. 

I love this gospel. I love my Savior. I am eternally grateful for his atoning sacrifice. I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. I am so grateful to be a missionary!

Love you all!

Love, Sister Kellie Egan

Two Months!

New England in the Fall

Hartford Temple

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