Monday, October 12, 2015

Wilford Woodruff Memorial

Hello Everyone! First let me tell you how beautiful New England is! Pictures do not do it justice! I love all the leaves changing and the chill in the air! 

On Tuesday everything fell through, so we went to check out a Media Referral we had gotten. His name is Ronald Marriott. When we got there and asked why he had requested a Book of Mormon. He responded with, "Well, I'm a Marriott." I thought that was pretty funny. We got talking and he has a pretty interesting story. He told us of his past lives and how is was burned at the stake. Then he gave us an entire science lesson. It was quite the experience.

On Wednesday we had a lesson with McKelle. We taught her about the Godhead and told her the story of Christ's birth. The idea of a Savior is really foreign to her and she doesn't understand why Jesus needed to come to earth and what his purpose was. I think the lesson went really well. Sister Barrett did an amazing job answering her questions and making it clear that God sent His Son for each and every one of us. Our member help was able to connect with McKelle, so that was good too. They have kids similar in age and they seem to really get along. That night we had dinner at a new couple's house. They are expecting their first baby, and they are just so cute! They met at BYU! We talked about General Conference and I learned a lot from their insight and from what they got out of conference. 

On Thursday our lunch appointment fell through, so we went back to the church to do some digital missionary work. I was able to get in contact with a man that lives in England. We ended up skyping! We talked to him about life as a missionary and he seemed really interested. After we skyped we got in contact with the Missionaries in his area and gave them his contact information. I love that I have the opportunity to teach and talk to people from all around the world! 

On Friday we had a Zone Meeting! I love being with all the other missionaries in my zone! At zone conference we talked a lot about the importance of nightly planning and how we can be more effective digital missionaries. Our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders challenged us to give away a Book of Mormon everyday. This challenge will be really good! It will help Sister Barrett go out of our way to find new people to teach and talk to.

On Saturday we went to the temple site to see people from Sister Barrett's last area. They had come down from Greenfield, MA to see and learn more about the Hartford Temple. It was fun to meet the people that Sister Barrett served with. Then we went to the Wilford Woodruff Memorial Site. For those that don't know, President Wilford Woodruff was born in Avon, CT. In MY area! How cool is that! The memorial site is just a rock at a park, but it is still pretty cool! That night everything else kind of fell through, but we were able to hand out our Book of Mormon for the day and then we went to our dinner appointment. We went to the Pulley's! I just love this family! As we were sitting around the table, the 3 year old was sitting on her older brother's lap and she started laughing so hard and the next thing we knew, Alice had wet her pants all over Thomas. It was so funny! We were all laughing so hard! Then Brother Pulley started giving Thomas a hard time for wetting his pants! Oh memories! For our message that night we talked about the Liahona. We had one child sit at one side of the room and then we blindfolded another and we had the one blindfolded try to walk to his sister without any direction or help. We did the same thing again, but the second time Emma was able to direct her brother. Then we talked about the Liahona and how it works according to faith. In Alma 37 it says that it is as easy to give heed to the Word of Christ as it was for Nephi and his family to give heed to the Liahona. We all need to feast upon the words of Christ because they will tell us all things which we should do. I know that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I love the Book of Mormon and its teachings. 

I love and miss you all! 

Love, Sister Kellie Egan

Wilford Woodruff Memorial

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